Over the course of 25 years, Pure Peninsula Honey has worked assiduously to develop products to suit everybody's needs, tastes and desires. Today, there are close to 30 different honey, wax, honeycomb and cosmetic products that you can purchase.

If your local Fruit & Veggie shop, Deli or supermarket does not stock Pure Peninsula Honey products, please send us a General Online Enquiry with the details and we will try to establish supply if possible.

Honey Varieties

The variety of honey entirely relies on the type of plant that a bee collects pollen and nectar from. To give their bees a greater choice in the plants that are visited, Pure Peninsula Honey transports its bees regularly from one location to another. The transportation of the beehives enables honey consumers to experience a wider range of mouth-watering flavours. Honey is cold extracted to the jar which captures all of its natural goodness. Honey is Gluten Free and 100% fat free.

Organic Honey

Our hives are placed in the middle of a large forest where the trees are free from chemicals and insecticides. Bees fly a maximum of 5km radius from their hive, which ensures that the honey produced here is organic. The honey is cold extracted and certified with Biological Farmers Australia. Also known as raw honey.

Certified Organic

Creamed Honey

Mild pure honey is whipped.  This gives a creamy smooth paste consistency. It will not alter over time. Contains no additives.

Creamed Ginger Honey

Buderim ginger is added to our creamed honey, which is great for cooking with, in smoothies, in tea or just on bread.

Manuka Honey

Manuka is the aboriginal name for Tea-Tree*, which is commonly found through out Victoria. The honey produced from the Tea-Tree plant is said to contain many anti-bacterial properties. It may set like jelly or crystallize. It is a “full flavoured” honey.

Yellow Box Honey

Eucalyptus melliodora, commonly known as Yellow Box is considered to be the best native tree for honey production, the honey produced has a delightful golden colour and an excellent taste. Smooth flavoured, very dense with a characteristic pleasant aroma.

Grey Box Honey

Rich, mellow tones in the mouth with a slight caramel after taste.

Banksia Honey

The honey flavour is smooth, consistent and unique to Australia.

Iron Bark Honey

Perfume reminiscent of almonds and coconut. Sweetly buttery in the mouth.

Local Flora Honey

This honey is made from plants on the Mornington Peninsula. The honey may vary slightly depending upon the season.

Orange Blossom Honey

The aroma is fruity and rich and the texture is smooth with lots of body.

Red Gum Honey

Medium amber in colour, has a slightly richer flavour than Yellow Box and is a very dense honey. Soft and delicate with hints of butter and almonds.

Stringy Bark Honey

Intensely aromatic and perfumed, great for drizzling over ice-cream.

Certified Organic Jarrah Honey TA15+ (The Active Healing Honey)

Jarrah Honey is sourced from a Eucalypt tree commonly grown in Western Australia. The antimicrobial quality is known by the term ‘Total Activity’ (TA).
It is certified by OFC (Organic Food Chain) and BFA (Biological Farmers Association). It is medium to semi dark amber in colouring, has a rich full-bodied flavour and is low GI - [See brochure 1.98MB]

Leatherwood Honey

This Honey is produced from the Leatherwood tree which is unique to the West Coast of Tasmania. It has a very distinct floral flavour and aroma. A taste of the wilderness.

Pristine Honeycomb Jar

Built by Bee's direct into the jar - Each jar is unique and untouched by humans.

Honey Comb Tray (Min 375gms)

Honey comb is cut straight from the hive. It can be eaten with a spoon, spread on toast, used at breakfast or as a desert. Create your own delight!

Honey Straws

Used as a snack, they are fantastic in school lunchboxes. Simply suck the honey from the straw.


Wax is made by the bees to construct honeycomb. It provides a home for the bees and storage for their honey. Beeswax caps are separated from the honeycomb, during the honey extraction process. Humans have many different uses for beeswax including cosmetics, candles, and wood polishes.

Pollen 250gms

One of nature's healthiest and most powerful "super foods".

Manuka Moisteriser 60ml

Made with Manuka Honey - Antibacterial Effect + 20.

Tea Light Candle

Approx 4 Hour Burn - Made using 100% pure Australian Beeswax.


Made and hand poured in Australia.

Beehive Candle with Bee

Approx 4.5cm x 5cm - Beautiful gift or charming decoration.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm

  • Strawberry (White Label)
    With a splash of strawberry fragrance for a fresh fruity lip balm.

  • Vanilla
    The Vanilla aroma has a pheromone-like quality that invokes feelings of comfort, home, food and well-being.

  • Plain
    For those who just want uncomplicated soft luscious lips.

Other Honey Products

Honey and beeswax can be used to make a diverse variety of everyday products ranging from lip balms, to leather polishes and candles.

Pure peninsula honey also collects propolis and pollen from the hives. Pollen, when consumed, releases many beneficial amino acids and protein chains into the body for absorption. Pollen contains such amino acids as lysine, which prevents cold sores, and glycine, which has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis, which is collected from the hive, is a natural antibiotic for the immune system. Propolis is collected from plants by the bees.

* - According to 'The Honey Flora of Victoria' book written by Dept of AGRICULTURE of Victoria

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